Friday, 4 January 2013

Quiet Days ...

Hope you are all off to a good start for New Year. I am still a little in laid back mode at least until school and college start next week ... well that is college exams for the boys! I do like these quiet times to think about some goals and aspirations I need to work towards for the New Year ahead.

As usual when the decorations start comimg down I  buy some new interior magazines and love planning some house projects for the months ahead. Indeed the invitation to a friends new house yesterday may spur me into action quicker than I thought! She moved in Christmas week and has it looking amazing already!!

I have managed to refrain from any online clothes shopping as I decided to hold off for some new Spring styles hitting the shops ... I did pick up a handy black shopper the other day in a local boutique down from €70 to €50.

 I was looking for a nice size black bag for everday use so this will suit me fine :)

I see the new pantone colour of the year is emerald green. I vaguely remember wearing a long dress for some dinner we attended many moons ago (circa the eighties I think it was )!! Not sure how I would feel about wearing it now, but I have to admit it is a very striking colour!


Hope you all enjoy the weekend!
Anne xx


  1. I think you and I would get on very well Anne! My Mum got me a lovely black bag just prior to Christmas. I have refrained from the sales as I want to save for some Spring wear and I am drooling over house magazines ready to revamp my house!! Happy New Year!! Xx

  2. I thought I would remain in laid back mode until Charlie goes back to school Monday but I forgot about Claudia's internship at New magazine so was up at 6am yesterday, today woke at 4 and couldn't get back to sleep! I'm gonna be shattered later! Enjoy your Friday honey xx

  3. think I shall hibernate through January if this damp dull weather continues..........and eat soup!!

  4. decorations usually remains at my home until January 6th, because Epiphany is still holiday here and this means another great meal and traditional sweets and cakes!
    wish you a nice weekend!

  5. Hi Anne,

    Happy Friday!

    Love the bag and I think that green is lovely and is very dramatic
    it's a colour I will wear.

    Good luck to the boys in exams, I remember my son having them just after Christmas last year when he was in Maynooth and it was a nuisance of a time, I would prefer them done and dusted before Christmas but here's fingers crossed all goes well for them both.

    Have a lovely weekend and then it's all back to "normal"

    x Fiona

  6. I´m enjoying my last days off work to the fullest, it will feel a bit hard to have to get up early on Monday..! Enjoy your day!

  7. I'm dying to take the decorations down but I'm being outvoted in this house - nothing can move 'til Jan 6th apparently! Can't wait to pack it all away and start planning for the new year. Happy New Year Anne. Helen

  8. I am still in the laid back mode too, next week will be rough when everyone is back in school!!

    Any recommendations on where to shop/eat in Dublin??

  9. Nice new bag Anne, I am on the hunt for a new black bag, I need something with compartments - fed up of rooting round in the bottom of a great big bag. I love emerald green although I rarely wear it myself funny huh! I remember when intonement came out, Keira Knightley's green dress *sign*

  10. I love your new bag! Great wardrobe essential! I have taken down my xmas decor also and now im excited for home decor project for spring! I'm thinking of refinishing a piece of furniture for my bedroom!


  11. Happy New Year, Anne!! This weekend I am also gonna take down my Christmas decorations and I hope to buy something new for the house..
    Love your new bag!

    Have a perfect weekend!


    PS: you've been twice in Dubai, how wonderful!!

  12. Your new bag is so pretty. I really love this style. Emerald green is a very interesting color.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  13. Love the emerald green! And I feel it's time for a bit of decorating around the house too - my last attempt was thwarted but new year, new ambition!

  14. I love that emerald green color and ginnifers haircut, she is one of my favorite short haired actresses . I love the black bag you picked up. Happy New Year!


  15. I would love a bagel sandwich right now! That looks delicious!

  16. Anne, I've been eyeing the Spring items as soon as they come out too! LOL Some of our stores have even honored discounts on brand NEW items. So I've been taking advantage of that. Love your new shopper! Have a great weekend doll!

  17. Hallo Anne!My favorite color is emerald green!!I love your bag!!It's so preety!
    Have a lovely weekend with your family!

  18. I am in that laid back mode too but in some ways looking forward to the routine of next week. Have a lovelybweekend

  19. Hi Anne,

    Glad that you have some quiet days to think about your goals and inspirations.
    Good luck with the house decorating and your Sons exams.
    Your new bag is fabulous - love emerald green, (one year my husband bought me an emerald green handbag which I love.

    Happy new week

  20. Your little bagel sammi looks yummy!

    Brooke =)

  21. Is that bag Ferragamo? Lucky you....especially at that price!

    I am a big bagel fan, much more substantial that regular bread, and I always feel a little 'cosmopolitan' with a bagel ;-) haha.

    Erika @ xx


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