Sunday, 29 July 2012

A Year Of Blogging...

Today my blog is one year old! I just want to take a minute to thank all my lovely readers who have made this such a wonderful experience :) I can honestly say that starting it is one of the best things I ever decided to do!

I am away for most of the week on holiday so I look forward to catching up with everyone on my return!
See you all soon:)
Anne xx

Friday, 27 July 2012

Hello Friday...

It's weekend time again and I'm delighted to say it is a fine sunny Friday morning where I am :) Yesterday dawned bright and beautiful as well, so I had a quick early morning walk with Sarah to the local lake with the dog. After that we came back and OH drove out to Blessington in Co Wicklow for a picnic, I brought along my savoury galettes from yesterday's post and they went down very well indeed!

Today we are off to visit Dublin zoo and then we will be heading up north to Donegal on Sunday. I am taking a little blogging break for the week to relax a bit ( although I still have my iphone to pop in and out on twitter and instagram:)

Hope you all have a great weekend and week ahead:)
Catch up soon!
Anne xx

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Picnic recipe: Cherry Tomato and Cheese Galettes...

Morning all!

I am sure everyone will all be heading on a day trip at some stage or another during the summer hols and there is nothing like packing an impromptu picnic and having a gorgeous lunch al fresco, be on the beach or in a little scenic area in the heart of country! I do have fond memories of riverside picnics when I was younger and also how fabulous the weather seemed to be during the school holidays!! Big changes on that front now unfortunately :(  Anyhow here is a simple savoury recipe for these little hand bites that pack a gorgeous punch to any outdoor lunch. Galettes are a French term used for a variety of flat round cakes made from flaky pastry. I loved them whilst holidaying in France made with sweet apples but the savoury combination works equally well also! Here is my version adapted from The Picnic Book by Annie Bell ...

Makes about 6

10 oz puff pastry (ready rolled from freezer)
jar red pesto or dijon mustard if you prefer
10 oz cherry tomatoes
1 medium egg yolk blended with 1tbsp of water
30g torn mozarella and 30g  finely shaved parmesan cheese
olive oil


Preheat the oven to 200 c and roll out the pastry on a lightly floured board. Cut out 6 circles with a plate as a guide and spread the pesto or mustard in the centre, stopping about 2 cm before the rim. I ruffled the edges of mine to make a definite border. Place the cherry tomatoes on top, brush the rim with the eggwash. Then sprinkle the parmesan and sliced mozerella cheese on top. Drizzle with olive oil and bake for 15  mins in oven.

Place in in your box when cool and pack with a lovely side salad for the picnic. You can adapt this recipe to suit the kids also with whatever ingredients you wish!

Hope you all enjoy some sunshine in your lives today:)
Anne xx

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Style Inspiration: The Simple White Dress...

Hi everyone!
Hope you are all well! Summer holidays are in full swing and many will be heading off for a break at one time or another over the next few weeks! A simple dress is always a great piece to pack and my favourite colour of choice is white! I think it looks amazing dressed down for daytime chic with flats whilst casually sightseeing or shopping!

Bag/Marc Jacobs   Dress/Tory Burch   Sunnies/Celine   Bracelet/Marc Jacobs  Hat/ Wetseal

And for sunny summer evening glamour vamp it up with heels, a glitzy bag and some stunning statement jewellery...
Sandals/YSL  Clutch/Coast   Ring/Bijou-Brigitte   Bracelet/H&M

As an alternative option to a dress,I find good quality classic items like tailored shorts, capri pants and  linen t/shirts are a great choice for switching up from day to evening attire also!

Hope you all have a lovely day:)
Anne xx

Monday, 23 July 2012

Some Weekend Snaps...

Happy Monday folks!

It was a lovely weekend ! Some nice sunshine appeared, not near the temps it should be but very welcome all the same! On Friday we went for afternoon tea in Killashee house. It was lovely to relax and enjoy the experience in their gorgeous dining room! Saturday was spent flying around getting ready for Laura's party night!

 It was't really warm enough to sit outside but everyone had a fabulous evening! She looked lovely in a hot pink Ted Baker dress! In fact all the girls were rocking their gorgeous outfits!

I wore a sequinned top with my Zara jeans...

The girls before they left to go clubbing! Check out the height of those fab heels! 

Hope you all have a lovely day:)
Anne xx

Friday, 20 July 2012

Happy Weekend...

Morning all!

I am delighted to announce that a dose of summer is supposed to arrive in our part of the planet this weekend:) I'm definitely liking this fact a lot.:) Some sunshine just makes everything look better and a little brighter! I haven't had much opportunity to entertain yet this summer either ... torrential downpours do nothing for a little garden soiree :( 

Tomorrow night Laura is having a few of the girls over for drinks and nibbles, so I'm looking forward to planning this! How cute are these melon and feta cubes ...I need to pick up a watermelon this morning to make them! Now as it is a little warmer today I have decided to don a skirt!! I bought this one a couple of years ago in A/wear and usually only wear it when on holidays abroad.

Jacket/DKNY    Skirt/A/wear    Top/principles    Sandals/TK Maxx

I also went to the hairdresser this week and just told him to keep chopping ... I didn't actually realise how short it was until I came home and looked in the mirror! I'm heading off now to do a little shopping and I'm looking forward to going for afternoon tea with Laura later as she was working on her birthday earlier this week:)

I hope you all have a nice sunny weekend !:)
Anne xx

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Decor Inspiration: Trellis Pattern...

One design trend I love at the moment is the use of trellis pattern. This classic design will fit in anywhere,    whether it's used in fabric for cushions and curtains, or decorating a space with wallpaper... it adds a certain finishing touch to any room. Here's some fabulous inspiration I love ...

Gorgeous wallpaper...

Fabulous headboard....

Lovely curtains...

I think you will agree it adds a delightful designer touch to a room and it's a pattern I would like to use in my own home at some point!

Hope you are all having a good week:)
Anne xx

images via Pinterest

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Happy Birthday....

Today is my eldest daughter Laura's birthday:)  As she is working all day, we will have a little family celebration this evening when she arrives home! We did go shopping at the weekend and she got a lovely new bag from a certain Michael Kors. I just might have to steal it sometime!! She also bought a fabulous dress to wear going out with friends this coming Saturday :)

Hope you have a lovely day Laura

Monday, 16 July 2012

Bling It On ....

Happy Monday all!

I never tire of looking at gorgeous jewellery and the amount of goodness a statement piece can add to any outfit! Take one plain shirt or dress, add some gorgeous arm candy and a fab neckpiece and the possibiities are endless. Here are a few pieces I'm loving which would add some fabulous colour to any outfit ...

I love all the colours in the above jewellery and how versatile each piece can be! They can be used on their own, or mix and match to make an outfit really come to life! We all need a little extra bling in our lives at times!!

Hope you all have a wonderful week:)
Anne xx

Friday, 13 July 2012

Happy Friday....

Hello Everyone!

 Another week is over. I actually don't know whether it's Spring, Summer , Autumn or Winter here at the minute with the ever changing weather, but at least I got a little productive this week and cleared my laundry/utility room of alot of rubbish. It was long overdue a massive clean up and  as always I feel loads better for tackling it! Fresh flowers on a Friday always cheer me up and I'm glad to see the garden ones are also flourishing  in the rain!

On a different note I was very honoured to be given an award by another fellow Irish blogger!  As I have said before it 's always a nice thing to know that people read your blog and enjoy what you write :) I hope if any of you get a minute over the weekend you could visit Inge here at Chicncheerfull. She has a lovely blog with some gorgeous pictures over there!

I am off to the dentist now for a check up with Sarah ... she is not at all happy, but on a promise of a visit to a lovely cafe afterwards for a treat! Dull and dreary isn't the word for the weather but I've pulled out another very versatile piece to wear from my wardrobe . It' is a silky Parka I bought last year in A/wear. I think my Zara mac needs a good rest for a while, so this will be my go to piece on a dull damp day lol!!

Hope you all have a great weekend! For those heading away on holiday, I hope you all have a brilliant time!

See you next week :)
Anne xx

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Organizing Holidays ....

Morning all!
We plan on holidaying at home in Ireland this year as our circumstances are changing a little now that the children are getting older. We brought them abroad most years whilst they were growing up and now three of them are doing their own thing this year! Sad I know but that's how it goes! We have therefore decided to take Sarah and discover parts of our own country we haven't visited before. I'm actually really looking forward to it and hopefully the weather will cooperate! I think Donegal is on the cards ... so not sure about that weatherwise as it's very far North, but we will be hoping for the best :)

One thing I love about home is the vast amount of fresh Irish food available. We love poking out lovely cafes and seaside restaurants for delicious pub lunches and evening meals! Even sitting outside with a nice coffee and a slice of homemade cake tastes a whole lot different whilst relaxing on holiday! Here is a selection of  some delicious food I look forward to eating.

Starting the day with a full Irish fry up...

Or a lighter option of Irish boxty and fresh smoked salmon...

Images via
Evening dinner of traditional stews to warm the heart if the weather remains cool :)

My main concern will be what clothes to pack as we are liable to get four seasons in one day at times in Ireland! I've another two weeks yet to organize that and maybe just maybe it will be scorching by then lol!!

Hope you all have a great day:)
Anne xx

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Decor inspiration:The Organised Laundry Room ....

Morning all!
Now I don't know about anyone else but I seem to spend half my days trotting in and out of my laundry/utility room, either putting clothes/towels in the wash or folding them into baskets ready for ironing! Add in the appalling weather of late when no washing actually makes it out to the line, and you have a room that resembles a warzone! 
Well another rainy Monday morning was all it took to spur me into action and declare war on my laundry room!! I 'm now exhausted from painting it and I was actually shattered before I started anything at the amount of rubbish I had to clear from the space! To spur me on I kept looking at these gorgeous pinterest photos whilst having my endless tea and coffee breaks, hopefully some of the inspiration will appear in my room over the next few days...

Now if I can persuade my DH to put up another few shelves for me on his day off, I'll be well on my way to getting some organization sorted, and maybe a little bed for the dog also whilst he is at it :) err.. think I would definitely be pushing my luck on that score! At least all the paint rolling has given my upper arms a really good workout so all is not in vain! If anyone has any great tips on how to keep the laundry under control, they would be most welcome:)  Mine seem to need three towels each when they have a shower.... not good for helping any basket overload!!

Hope you are all having a good week:)
Anne xx

Monday, 9 July 2012

One Sunny Day....

Morning all!

 Another Monday has arrived and a new week begins! After a rather disastrous Friday evening of wind and rain, I 'd almost given up all thoughts of going anywhere this weekend. On top of that I felt really off colour  with a stomach bug, so what a difference a day really can make ... Saturday was absolutely divine and as I felt somewhat better, off I went with the girls for lunch and a lovely unexpected opportunity to snap a few photos!! 

Blazer/Zara  Top/Warehouse  Shoes (old from Spain)  Pants/Zara   Bag/A|wear  Necklace/New Look

If I had known the afternoon would turn out so sunny ( it was rather cloudy when I left the house)  I'd have worn a sundress for a change! But there you go ... we are always taken by surprise with the weather in these parts! My Zara blazer was almost too heavy for the sunny day but at least I was able to remove a layer when it got so warm :) We enjoyed a lovely lunch alfresco and I certainly wasn't in any rush to move! Hoping now for lots more:)

Wishing you all a good week :)
Anne xx

Friday, 6 July 2012

Happy Weekend...

Hi All!
Hope you are all good! The first week of school holidays has flown by already. Yesterday dawned nice and sunny so off I went with Sarah shopping and called  in to the large fruit market outside town on the way back. We picked up some gorgeous fresh Irish strawberries and new season potatoes to bring home. Sarah got busy making lovely fruit popsicles with her new ice popmakers I bought for her in Argos. I also love the new potatoes just boiled in their jackets and I used up some leftovers this morning to make a lovely frittata for breakfast!

I'm not sure what the rest of the weekend has in store but one thing I do know is the fact it's so hard to plan any kind of outfit of the day until morning comes! If in doubt I think one of my striped Breton tops and cropped trousers are always a fabulous and easy option.

How I do wish that was moi hiding from the sun under a large floppy hat!

Hope you all enjoy a lovely weekend:)
Anne xx

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Style Inspiration: Laid Back Tailoring ...

I'm really loving all the lightly tailored clothing available this season, although some of us are still having to pretend it's actually the Summer!! Worn with minimum jewellery and some basic bare necessities you can achieve a chic but laid back Summery style. Here are some fabulous key pieces to work the look ...

Frilled jacket Zara

Cream shorts Reiss

Drop hem tunic tee Topshop

Floaty trousers also Reiss

Add some lovely understated accessories and you have an easy relaxed style to help you breeze through the Summer months...
Bag/Guess   Sandals/Mango   Belt/Stella McCartney    sunnies/Ray Ban    watch/Michael Kors 

Hope you all have a lovely day:)
Anne xx

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Return To The Books...

Hi all!

Hope you are well and easing into a new week! What can I say about these grey rainy days we're having! As Sarah's little friend said yesterday "What did we do to deserve weather like this! It's soooo unfair"! I'm just waiting for the dreaded words shortly "I'm Bored!!... there is nothing to do here"! So for now we are just having a good old deep clean and sort out .And as an added bonus I've discovered loads of books I hadn't actually read . I may also start bringing Sarah to the local library to tide her over for days we can't go outdoors. For now this adorable space would do me quite nicely to while away a few happy hours reading...

All I would require is someone to supply the coffee and treats:) 

Happy Tuesday!
Anne xx
images via

Monday, 2 July 2012

A New Week...

Happy Monday all!

Another weekend has come and gone! They do seem to fly by lately or maybe that's just me! Anyhow I enjoyed my couple of days immensely! My friends son had his ninth birthday on Saturday so Sarah was invited and I popped in later for a coffee and some lovely chocolate cake.

Last evening I went out for a gorgeous meal with some good friends! I was also escaping the soccer on tv as the men of the house were all glued to the Euro finals! It was great to have a good chat and catch up over some lovely food and forget about everyday life for a short while. I wore my new top from Zara with white jeggings .... very comfortable and casual!

Of course it rained as I was leaving the house so my mac had to go on as well! Now I won't keep boring you all with bad weather reports but it is still raining this morning and I'm going to get stuck in to some indoor jobs. At least the school hols have started, so no more school runs for a couple of months!

Hope you all have a good week!
Anne xx