Thursday, 29 November 2012

Recipe: Salmon, pea and red onion frittata ....

At this busy time of year I love to have a few fail proof recipes to fall back on! Think unexpected visitors for lunch, long days in work or shopping in town and you still need to get food on the table in a hurry!
Eggs are usually top of the shopping list in my house and I'm rarely without them. Definitely got this from my mother who goes into major panic mode if there are no eggs about!!

This is a lovely recipe I adapted from my gorgeous Homes and Garden magazine which I look forward to buying at Christmas every year. Think of it as a posh version of an omelette and it really looks very impressive.

500g potatoes sliced and cubed
150g smoked salmon or 1 large salmon fillet
1 red onion diced
100g frozen peas
8 large eggs
salt and pepper
chives or parsley to garnish

Boil the potatoes for ten mins adding the frozen peas for the last five. In a large bowl mix the eggs lightly. Season with salt and pepper then add the salmon strips if using the smoked variety. I roasted a large salmon fillet in the oven first then shredded it as I prefer the flavour. Heat large pan or skillet with a little olive oil. Fry the onions for 3 mins till soft.

Add the cooked sliced potatoes and peas. Pour over the egg mixture and cook on a low heat for 5 mins until the mixture starts to bubble a bit. Transfer under the grill/broiler until golden and set. This takes about 5 mins.

Cut into large wedges to serve. I had six out of this one.

 This is perfect for an informal dinner served with a simple large green salad and selection of sides, or on its own as a substantial breakfast/brunch option. It can also be made in advance and heated when ready to eat.

The holidays can often be hugely stressful for a lot of people and over the years I have learned that pure perfection is unattainable. Simple and easy is the only way to go in my book!

Hope you all have a lovely day:)
Anne xx



  1. I agree keep it simpler and you will not stress so much. A great lunch treat recipe

  2. That looks lovely. Maybe the egg thing is an Irish trait? I too go into a slight panic if I run out. I always think that once there are eggs in the house, some kind of meal can be made!

  3. Probably i have said it before but you are such a great cook, Anne! I love all your recipes! They look so good!!!


  4. Mmmmm on the menu for this weekend, it sound wonderful thanks so much for this one. Take care Diane

  5. Yummy - we eat a lot of salmon so I´ll get my chance to try this I´m sure! :-)

  6. Love this and was look for some inspritation! Thanks Anne!
    P.S love the Crimbo napkin!!

  7. This sounds wonderful! I am always looking for ways to dress up eggs! Can't wait to try it! Thanks for following my blog. Your blog is lovely!

  8. Looks delicious Anne.


    Have a good weekend.


  9. Hi Anne,

    The frittata looks delicious and thanks for sharing the recipe.
    I am with you there, simple and easy is better than getting stressed over the holidays.

    Happy day

  10. Mmm this does look very tasty. Eggs can be so handy can't they? :)
    Thanks so much for your advice on using flickr for pictures. I did it and managed to get a post up with a picture too. :))

  11. Yummy! I usually add potatoes and peas but loved smoked salmon so will have to try this x

  12. Ηallo Anne!I love this recipe !That frittata looks delicious!Have a nice weekend!

  13. YUMMMM! This looks and sounds SO GOOD! :) Thanks for sharing!

  14. Yummy---looks so good....I am going to try that one for Christmas morning!!!

    Thanks ;o)

  15. I would like to taste this almon pea...
    Best regards from France,


  16. This looks beyond delicious. Thank you for sharing!
    Your newest follower,


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