Friday, 26 October 2012

Happy Weekend ....

Hi all! Wishing everyone a lovely Friday!

 Thank god it is mid term break this coming week as I need to slow down a little, between decorating and making Halloween costumes this week has flown by!

 Sarah has her dance class fancy dress party today and Shane had a college do last night which caused  endless problems all day yesterday getting costumes changed and sorted at the last minute, but all was fine as usual in the end! 

Now whilst I was whizzing around the supermarket looking for Halloween treats, I spied this unusual jar of pumpkin cubes and wondered what I could make with them:)  

 I had been looking at pumpkin spice recipes on Pinterest and was dying to try something different for a dessert.
 I adapted a basic bread and butter pudding recipe to suit the pumpkin cubes and it actually tasted fine (different I might add but tasty all the same). Here is what I used...

1 French Baguette sliced into 12 pieces diagonally
1 pint milk
4 eggs
2 tbsps castor sugar
pumpkin cubes drained and mashed with a little cinnamon.

Blend milk, eggs and sugar together. Butter the 12 slices of  baguette. Glaze with mashed pumpkin cubes flavoured with cinnamon. Place in a well buttered baking dish layered over one another. Pour the milk and egg mixture over them covering well.
 Bake in 180 oven for 40 mins sprinkle with icing sugar and serve with ice cream! I was in a generous mood yesterday so they got Haagen Dazs pralines and cream flavour ... ordinary vanilla or even custard would do just fine!

I'm quite sure everyone has their own favourite pumpkin recipes at this time of year, but I just wanted to give this one a go!

I hope you all have a good weekend! I really need to plough on with the decorating and we are also going to a neighbours drinks party tomorrow night,.

See you all soon
Anne xx


  1. Ooooh that looks amazing but being the sweet tooth that I am I would probably use brioche or wait for it ..... hot cross buns. Oh dear now I need an Alka-Seltza now just thinking about it ;-)
    Happy Halloween weekend xx

    1. Hot cross buns sound great actually...might try them also:)It needs a bit of a sweeter kick!!

  2. Hi Anne,

    Sounds like you have been having a busy week, hope you can relax with mid term break.
    Enjoy the party and your weekend


  3. Oh that does look and sound nice.
    I might try that

  4. Love this post. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. I wonder if it would work with fresh pumpkin (I'd have to work to get it in cubes lol) but I've never seen pumpkin chunks in the grocery store. I'd love to try the recipe--I love pumpkin anything! Have a great weekend and hope Sarah's party goes well!

  6. Yes, Anne, I know perfectly what you mean! Thank God is Friday! That recipe looks so yummy!

    Enjoy the weekend and relax as much as possible!


  7. Yum, I hope you put this recipe in your cookbook;)

    one of my to do's this weekend is to make my daughters costume

  8. Happy weekend

  9. what a great recipe! Hope you have a fabulous weekend. xx

  10. This sounds so good. I love just about anything pumpkin. I have never seen pumpkin cubes here in the US.

  11. Yum! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  12. Time does need to slow down a bit!

    Have a wonderful weekend Anne!

  13. Have a lovely weekend Anne and at least Sarah will be off school next week so you won't be rushing and racing!

    Take care

    X fiona

  14. Looks soooo good! Thanks for sharing, Anne! Happy weekend :)

  15. That looks delicious!! Happy weekend to you and yours!

  16. Yummy, what a lovely treat. You are so inventive with your cooking and baking!

  17. Hallo Anne!It looks so nice!Wish you a wonderful weekend!Dimi..

  18. If I saw pumpkin cubes, I would leave well alone but the fact that you managed to make a pudding with them means I think you should go on MasterChef.

  19. I have decided to give Pumpkins a miss this year, with Charlie being 12 I have decreed he is too old for me to cut out Pumpkins anymore and feel relieved because of it!

  20. Very interesting recipe. Wishing you a relaxing weekend.

  21. Sounds like things are busy on your end...hope you all have a great weekend! And PS--that recipe sounds so good! YUMMMM!

  22. We are just finishing mid term. Hope you have a good Halloween

  23. We're getting ready for Halloween. :) Hope you have a great week!

  24. Hope you had a great weekend and had fun at the party!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  25. I love all things pumpkin, but this one is a new one for me...will definitely try it!

  26. it seems an easy&tasty recipe, very interesting!
    Have a nice weekend!


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