Thursday, 27 September 2012

Recipe: Autumn minestrone soup ....

I don't know about any one else but on cold rainy days there is only one thing for me and that's a bowl of nourishing hot soup for lunch. This is one I adapted from a recipe  found here and I can tell you there is both eating and drinking in it! Perfect for those after school/college hungry mouths!!

1 red onion chopped
4 tbsp olive oil
1 stick celery diced
2 carrots sliced
300g butternut squash cut into cubes
1 litre chicken stock
1 clove of garlic
salt and pepper
35g pasta shapes
handful of frozen spinach or kale
parsley chopped
grated parmesan to serve

Heat the olive oil on a heavy based pan and add the celery , carrots and squash . Saute for around 5 mins. Add the garlic, then pour on the chicken stock . Stir in the tomato paste and bring to the boil.
Simmer until the pasta is al dente. Add, in the spinach/kale and cook for a further 4 mins. Add parsley and stir.

To serve scatter with sprinkle of Parmesan.

All ready for some Autumn comfort eating!

Have a lovely day:)
Anne xx


  1. I have been into soups lately. I will make a big batch on sunday then have it all week for my lunch. This one looks delish!!

  2. I'm usually not a soup person, but this has me drooling. I think it's the noodle/parm/broth combo. The veggies are just a bonus :).

  3. Hi Anne! One of my favorite fall and winter soups is minestrone :) Your recipe looks wonderful!

  4. Yum. We make minestrone when we want to get extra veggies down the boys and sometimes we put in a little chopped bacon to sweeten the deal for Ben!

  5. Yummy want soup!

  6. I agree with you about the soup + a rainy day! This recipe looks particularly delicious Anne.

  7. Hi Anne!Minestrone soup is my favorite soup!Lovely recipe!Wish you a nice evening!

  8. Yummy! A big chunk of crusty bread and real butter and I'll be good to go!

  9. This looks amazing. I love soups, and this one has so many good veggies! YUM!

  10. This looks *scrumptious*! I always start in on the soups and stews once the weather even *looks* like it's cooling off! This definitely needs to go into the rotation!

  11. Must try this perfect with homemade brown bread

  12. mmm, i love soups...any kind of soup, and homemade is the best! this sounds delicious!

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  13. This looks so delicious and i love soups so much. Nice photos.

  14. Like you I love nourishing full soups. When we came home from school as kids Mum would always have a big pot of soup - my fave was ham and pea - on the potbelly stove in the living room.

  15. I love soups, specially when i am sick or need warming up.
    I have never cooked a minestrone from scratch :( your s looks so yummy i can almost smell it.

  16. I like so much vegetable soups, and this one seems delightful and perfect for an autumn dinner!
    besos & have a nice weekend!

  17. This looks so good. I've definitely been in the mood to eat warm things, especially soups. Love the fall!

  18. Viva il minestrone! This is my favourite one. I used to go home hoping that mum would make me a good bowl of minestrone. I find it very addictive! Well done on this!

  19. I love minestrone! Great recipe! I'll be making this one soon!

  20. This looks so good. It's not cool here yet in Vegas, but this soup still sounds yummy to me! :)

    I hope your weekend is going great, Anne!

  21. I love every kind of vegetable soup (ask my darlings who are forced to eat soup twice a week). Minestrone is one of my favourites: I don't use pasta though, I just add some crostini in my hubby's and girlie's bowls to feed them up ;-)))


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