Friday, 7 September 2012

Happy Weekend...

Hello Everyone!

Friday time again and what a lovely week it has been! This warm weather is set to continue for the weekend so I can see a lazy one in store for me! At first I didn't think it would last long but it got so nice there was nothing else to do but relax and enjoy it:) I have had some lovely moments chilling in the garden with my magazines and morning coffee. I have also enjoyed cutting the last of my flowers. I did crank the oven up one morning before it got too warm and baked some blueberry scones .

I had also put away a lot of summer clothes before this hot spell was forecast, so I was delighted to acquire a pair of cropped jeans from my eldest daughter who no longer wanted them! (benefits of having a daughter the same size as you!!) They actually fit great and I'm going mad I didn't have them sooner in the season :)

I hope you all have a lovely weekend! We are looking forward to going out for a few drinks tomorrow night, something we haven't done for a while. 

See you all soon:)
Anne xx


  1. Glorious isnt it? We put a new barbeque together - in September I ask you! I intend making good use of it this weekend to make up for all those wet weekend we have had. Love the jeans btw! X

  2. Have a great weekend Anne - loving your've put me in the mind of a homemade scone. Loving the jeans & wedges combo..really suits you, Avril xx

  3. Enjoy your weekend as much as you can! :-)

  4. The weather is truly fabulous. Enjoy the weekend and that scone looks delicious by the way!

  5. Hello Anne

    Thanks for the beautiful images and for telling about the sunshine. I travel to Ireland on Monday so please keep the sunny weather happening.

    Helen xx

  6. The blueberry scones look delicious!!! Yummy!!

    Have a great weekend, honey!


  7. Oh how lucky are you - I love cut hydrangeas. We don't have any anymore but we did at my old house and they dry beautifully too. Have a lovely weekend.

  8. Happy weekend Anne! My hydrangeas are still in the process of coming back after being transplanted.. How fun to have a daughter that you can swap clothes every now and again! My daughter and I are the same way :)

    enjoy your weekend!

  9. YESS, happy friday and happy weekend!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  10. Very handy being the same size! Have a great, hopefully still sunny weekend.

  11. The blueberry scones look delicious!!!Have a great weekend my dear!

  12. The jeans look so cute on you, Anne. And I do wish I had one of the blueberry scones to go with my coffee right now. Have a nice time going out and having drinks. It's been awhile for me too.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  13. The food looks so delicious and your shoes are so pretty.
    Have a lovely weekend

  14. That scones look so yummy!And I love ortensiae! Enjoy your night out :-*

  15. The scones look delish and love those jeans on you! Enjoy your night out!

  16. I miss my Mum, she was also the same size as me and we were always exchanging clothes and shoes. It was great, like having two wardrobes LOL. Enjoy what is left of the weekend. Diane

  17. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!
    PS--A blueberry scone sounds so yummy right now. MMMMM!

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    bacznie obserwuję i liczę na mały rewanż. ;)

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