Thursday, 26 July 2012

Picnic recipe: Cherry Tomato and Cheese Galettes...

Morning all!

I am sure everyone will all be heading on a day trip at some stage or another during the summer hols and there is nothing like packing an impromptu picnic and having a gorgeous lunch al fresco, be on the beach or in a little scenic area in the heart of country! I do have fond memories of riverside picnics when I was younger and also how fabulous the weather seemed to be during the school holidays!! Big changes on that front now unfortunately :(  Anyhow here is a simple savoury recipe for these little hand bites that pack a gorgeous punch to any outdoor lunch. Galettes are a French term used for a variety of flat round cakes made from flaky pastry. I loved them whilst holidaying in France made with sweet apples but the savoury combination works equally well also! Here is my version adapted from The Picnic Book by Annie Bell ...

Makes about 6

10 oz puff pastry (ready rolled from freezer)
jar red pesto or dijon mustard if you prefer
10 oz cherry tomatoes
1 medium egg yolk blended with 1tbsp of water
30g torn mozarella and 30g  finely shaved parmesan cheese
olive oil


Preheat the oven to 200 c and roll out the pastry on a lightly floured board. Cut out 6 circles with a plate as a guide and spread the pesto or mustard in the centre, stopping about 2 cm before the rim. I ruffled the edges of mine to make a definite border. Place the cherry tomatoes on top, brush the rim with the eggwash. Then sprinkle the parmesan and sliced mozerella cheese on top. Drizzle with olive oil and bake for 15  mins in oven.

Place in in your box when cool and pack with a lovely side salad for the picnic. You can adapt this recipe to suit the kids also with whatever ingredients you wish!

Hope you all enjoy some sunshine in your lives today:)
Anne xx


  1. Yum yum Anne! They look delicious. Have just caught up on all your blogs since being away. Thanks for your lovely comments on mine. Have a great day...hope the sun makes an appearance! Avrilxx

  2. They looks so delicious. I really want to try it. Nice photos.

  3. It looks awesome, mouth watering :) xx

  4. Look absolutely scrumptious. Wish I could cook.

  5. this looks delish and doesn't seem hard to make at all, even though the finished product looks intimidating~! :)

  6. I love this type of simple, clean food. With all the fresh tomatoes right now, this would be especially delicious.

  7. This is one of my favorite easy-quick-tasty appetizer.Nice idea for a picnic!!

  8. Perfect for a picnic and we hope to go on one tomorrow weather permitting. Thanks for the idea. Diane

  9. YUMMMM! These look so delicious! The pictures are making my mouth water...wish I had one right now!

  10. These look absolutely heavenly! :)

  11. Those look so tasty! I have never tried a galette before, I might have to now!

  12. You really know how to make everyday life and food seem so elegant.

  13. Will definitely be making these for beach picnic.

  14. I make virtually the same thing but fold the pastry over to make a pasty. They look nice like this and I love pastry!

  15. OMGoodness...those look delicious! Love a good flaky pastry!!

  16. such a simple recipe, I'm definitely going to be coming back to this post once it gets warmer here and picnics become more frequent again!

  17. Anne, Your food always inspires me and I love the picnic idea. I forget about doing those. Great fun. I am going to try these they look amazing.

    Have a good weekend!


  18. Anne, these look fantastic! Ooh, I'm hungry after seeing your galettes! Thanks for sharing the recipe :o) Need to try it!

  19. omg! this looks so delicious!!! Yummy!!

    Thank you for the recepie! I saved it! hope I'll have some time to cook this pretty gallettes )


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