Friday, 27 April 2012

Weekend Time...

Happy Friday!

 I must say I am glad to see the back of this week with the torrential rain, high winds, hailstones etc. I don't think it's set to improve greatly for the weekend but at least it's Friday. I am heading down south to Cork for a stay over with Mum. Tomorrow we have a belated birthday luncheon for my SIL. Usually she hosts the best bbqs around, but I'm  not sure with this awful weather if we can dine outside or not!

Trench/Topshop    Stripe top/Jigsaw    Bag/H&M   Shoes/Topshop   Jeans/Abercrombie 
Umbrella/Lulu Guinness

 As it is still raining at the moment, the above attire is similar to what I shall be wearing today! I would have been lost all week without a mac and umbrella (although I have broken two already !) A change of top and shoes with some bright accessories will be fine for the lunch tomorrow, so I am travelling light this weekend:)

Hope you all have a good one!
Anne xx


  1. Nice clothes - and I love the umbrella! :-)

  2. Lovely outfit for a rainy day...stripes and trench are just so perfect for each other. Thank you for dropping by my blog


  3. It's a lovely set. I love these pieces. Beautiful trench and stripe to.

  4. You have created an amazing outfit, Anne!! I have a trench like that..:))

    I hope you'll have a beautiful weather during the weekend!


  5. I can hardly believe all this coincidences
    WE HAVE HAD THE SAME WEATHER .....overhere in Holland !
    and your picture of your outfit ...ABSOLUTELY my style !
    Wish I still had my mother but she passed away 1999 so
    here we are different !
    I wish you a wonderful weekend !

  6. I like the picture with the flowers. Have a lovely time in Cork and I hope the weather improves for you. It seems you are well prepared whatever the weather though!

  7. You have just put together one of my favourite looks! Have a lovely weekend x

  8. Sorry to hear about the weather--I hope it clears up soon.
    Hope you have a nice weekend! :)

  9. Great choices and coincidentally, I´m wearing stripes today! ;)

  10. Great outfit choice Anne! Have a great weekend in Cork and I hope the weather is decent for you - don't they say down there it's always 5 degrees warmer?! The Irish Riviera, wha?!

  11. Some wise and beautiful picks over here! I think every gal needs a trench! I have one very similar to the trench you picked! Would love to have that umbrella and that H&M bag! Have a lovely weekend in Cork x

  12. As usual, love the images. Peonies are one of my favorites! That is the outfit I will probably be wearing too! Hope you have a great weekend.

  13. To die for outfit! Have a fabulous weekend, Anne!!

  14. those pink peonies are beautiful. love them in big vases in my house!

  15. Is that you're kitchen? It's beautiful! I love the umbrella and the entire outfit!!

  16. great kitchen, and love the trench! enjoy your wknd!


  17. Love that trench! And the umbrella is super cute too!

  18. Yes, raining here as well! Love the stripes! Hope you had a great and DRY weekend!

  19. Love ur weekend style!! I love the polished look of a trench coat! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog
    NY Style Examiner

  20. Hey Sweety, great Photos & nice Blog. I like it really ;) Great Job! I follow you, i hope you follw me back (if you like ;))) big kisses from germany ;***

  21. Can I have those flowers and umbrella please : ) It started raining here too : (

    1. this outfit is perfect for a rainy day! I hope u had a wonderful visit with your Mum!


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