Thursday, 15 March 2012

Savvy Shopping....

Hi All!

Today I am moving away from the fashion shopping for a moment to talk a little about how everyone manages their weekly supermarket shop. The reason for this being on a personal note, no matter how much list making I do, or weekly menus thought out, I still seem to find myself in a supermarket daily, filling a basket or trolley with unnecessary items and wasting money to boot!

What I am really interested in is whether ye all do one huge shop at the start of the weekend/week and never really have to go near a large supermarket until the next big drop. Or are most like me full of good intentions but tend to drift back in a day or two for more!! I know it is not easy with bigger families to buy everything in one go, but I do feel I waste a lot of money which could be spent more wisely elsewhere! My bag and shoe fund being top of the list!:)

Would love to hear some tips and feedback from everyone if you have a minute!
Have a good day:)
Anne xx
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  1. We make a dinner list every month and buy food every 2 weeks for that - makes it easier to stay on track and avoid unnecessary food shopping. :-)

  2. Thanks Tina! Wish I could do that! Will most definitely be trying something new!

  3. Anne, I sit down on Sunday afternoons after church and plan out our meals for the week. Partly a necessity because Kate works two nights a week and leaves early (before dad gets home for dinner) so we come up with things that I can keep heated in the crockpot or cook separate. We then go grocery shopping a bit later in the day, prior to dinner. I have found this keeps up from purchasing unnecessary items and things no longer go to waste (that had been a big problem for us). I also go through our "snack" pantry at the same time to see what needs to be replenished and ONLY buy those items with the weekly meal items. I have been doing this now since the start of this school year and it has worked out great. It also keeps me from duplicating meals too often.

    1. Thanks Lauren! Great to hear your feedback:)

  4. I have a basic menu, And I generally try to buy meat in bulk (its a bit cheaper that way) at the start of the month, split it into portions and freeze it. Then I do a small weekly shop to top up what ever needs replacing. Trying desperately to cut costs here too, so its basics only.
    SO yeah, I try to do everything in town in one foul swoop, and stay away from town for the rest of the week...

  5. I think staying away during the week is the only way to go!!

  6. I think my supermarket shopping habits are very much like yours! I'm impressed with everyone here - so organised and disciplined. I do a big shop then part way through the week I decide to make something maybe unusual and pop out for the specific ingredients which are not store cupboard basics!

  7. I only go twice a month. If I went daily, I would lose my mind. Occassionally I'll run in for fresh milk and eggs (stuff like that). There are always temptations at the market. I make out a list, but extra items somehow appear in my cart. LOL

  8. occasionally

  9. Hi Anne!
    I am not a great planner when it comes to this, and I really wish I could change it. I like to cook and bake, but the planning part I'm not so good at! I do make a list before I go to the store, however I always end up buying way more. Also, I go to the store about every 2-3 days. I wish I could just go once a week, but there's just no way I can do that!
    Have a great day!

  10. I do a huge shop at the beginning of the month which has stuff like drinks for packed lunches, cereals, pasta, biscuits. Then we buy our meat and veg weekly. I have a chest freezer which I could not do without. We live in the country and the nearest shop is very expensive so I try to have most stuff bought. Although with 7 here we always run out. When my husband phones on the way home from work I usually don't bother with hello and just say, bread & milk!

  11. I've TRIED to go to the market once a week, but it never works. I change my mind about what to cook, I find I've forgotten an ingredient, etc. I also prefer to buy things fresh if possible, so I end up at the store at least every other day.

  12. Me? I make a menu on Sunday afternoon and shop one time.... except for the little stuff like milk and bread. I love cooking and being in the kitchen, but I abhor (ABHOR) the grocery store!!! YUCK. It exhausts me just thinking about it! It's all about the menu.

  13. Hi Anne,

    We normally just do a shop once a week and then just buy bread and milk and fruit and veges when we need it.
    A really funny thing without the kids living at home, a bar of chocolate will stay in the fridge and lollies in the jar.

    Happy St Patrick's day tomorrow and look forward to hearing how you celebrate there.

  14. this topic is a hard one for me as well! I keep trying to plan out a weekly menu and have most of the meals figured out by sunday but I always end up having to make a quick run to the store to get last minute ingredients. Still trying to get better at it ;)


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