Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Style Inspiration: Nautical But Nice...

Today we visited Blessington Lakes in Co Wicklow for an early lunch! It was absolutely gorgeous and the perfect setting for my nautical themed look.
 I wore a navy striped blouse from Penneys with wide legged cream trousers from Next ... I finished off the look with a red tote and Oasis sandals.

The view of the lake from the restaurant...

It is so hard to believe we have weather like this
 at the moment in Ireland!
 I would still be over there, only I had to come back to do the school run!!
Here's hoping that the Summer
 hasn't come too early this year!:)

Hope you are all enjoying the day!
Anne xx


  1. Looks lovely and I love your outfit! :-)

  2. It is gorgeous! Anne you look spectacular. LOVE that red bag!

  3. I love the outfit and the red tote! Great taste! The view from the restaurant was so pretty. Thanks for sharing! Have a great day!

  4. Looking good! And I love the view. I have so many countries yet to visit...

  5. Love your nautical outfit!!!

  6. Anne I absolutely love your look, its perfect!!

  7. Hi Anne,

    I love your Nautical look, always such an elegant look.
    The view from the Restaurant looks so tranquil and beautiful.

    Happy day

  8. Anne, you look SMASHING! I love this look! Timeless and chic and so wearable!
    Love, love, love!

  9. Hello, Anne. So nice to meet you.
    This is a great nautical inspired outfit and such lovely photos of the landscape.

  10. I love the white pants - you're inspiring me to break mine out soon!

    Ah, your pictures make me want to visit Ireland so much. We were in Scotland many years ago, and couldn't afford to go to Ireland as well.

    Thank you for reading my blog, Anne!

  11. I love this nautical style. It's a perfect style. This look is very pretty.
    I love these photos too.

  12. You look fabulous, Anne! Love every single piece of your outfit! The pictures are so beautiful!

    Hugs and kisses

  13. I've become a big fan of nautical lines now. Lovely outfit. The scenery is beautiful!!!

  14. Styles may come and styles may go, but nautical is the perfect classic look! LOVE IT on you! I love the bag too! And how in the world did you leave that spot? The view is breathtaking! I'd love to put a blanket down on the lawn and spend the afternoon there!

  15. what a lovely place, it seems so peacefull!
    your trousers are very chic, I have something similar ;-)

  16. Oh.... i love white pants.
    I have about 4 of them and i wear them a lot.
    I like the relaxed feel of these :)

  17. Anne, you're looking great in these photos. Loving the nautical look. What a fab day for the Blessington lakes x

  18. I love the relaxed, but sophisticated look. The trousers are beautiful.

  19. So we both have had a wonderful sunny week, I started to use ballerinas without socks : ) I like your elegant outfit, black, white and red touch is always a winner. I also loved the landscape, would love to visit Ireland one day, so much green to take in : ) Hope your weekend will be sunny and enjoyable as well : )

  20. I love that blouse, it looks so good with the red purse. Nautical is one of my favorite looks, it never goes out of style. You look great!

  21. Your outfit is so very chic, in fact your whole style is!


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