Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Light lunch....

Unfortunately I woke up this morning with the start of a head cold and sore throat. so I don't think I will be heading out to do battle in the overcrowded shops!
We started the day with pancakes (Sarah insisted on having the chocolate spread with hers!!), so in an effort to feel somewhat virtuous today, I have made a lovely fresh healthy winter coleslaw which we will have with  prawns  marinated in chilli sauce for our lunch!!

Hopefully I will be feeling a bit lighter today after eating salad... instead of gorging on chocolates and cake !! This is also a great way of using any vegetables you might have lurking in the fridge before doing a restock again for New Years!!
 I shredded some cabbage , red onion, peppers, grated carrot and spring onions and  tossed them in some french dressing with lemon juice. Stir fry for a few minutes to warm through and serve with prawns!

Hope everyone has a good day!!
Anne xx


  1. Healthy and light. Now, that's what I want! xoxo

  2. If I only had such restraint!
    Feel better Anne!

  3. that looks good and pretty to look at as well
    Hope you will feel better soon!


  4. really, realllly want nutella right now.

  5. That lunch looks amazing, I never manage to get my stir fry that light, I must keep trying.
    Hope you feel better soon, HUGS xx

  6. Love love Nutella...hope you feel better soon. Just found your sweet blog so thought I would pop in and leave a comment. Hope your Christmas was Merry and Bright.

  7. That lunch looks so delicious. Nutella : i love it !
    Have a lovely day Anne.

  8. hey, anne! hope you had a nice christmas. i am sorry you feel a little sick... but you were still able to make some yummy food, despite you feeling under the weather. i am a huge fan of nutella, and the marinated prawns look soooo yummy!

    wishing you a happy new year! :)


  9. That looks declicious, I love peppers on anything!

    Hope you had a great holiday ;)

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  10. Hey Anne, hope your Christmas was wonderful! Sorry you are feeling sick, I feel like I am fighting a cold myself. These meals look delicious!

  11. Hope you had a fab christmas. This lunch looks so tasty!

  12. Hope your CHristmas was wonderful, and I REALLY hope you're feeling better. Nothing a bit of Nutella can't fix?:)


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