Thursday, 17 November 2011

winter warmers...

As the days are getting way shorter, and the nights becoming much colder and darker here are a few things that are currently top of my winter wishlist...

Rachel Allens new cookbook... full of great warming family meals. I love her laid back style and simple, easy to follow recipes...

 Jo Malones pine and eucalyptus scented candles and room spray. I love the aroma of eucalyptus... so calming and relaxing.

A gorgeous sheepskin cushion from The White Company. We all need to add an extra little bit of comfort when relaxing on the sofa in the evening!

Fabulous wool blankets from Plumo. My feet are constantly freezing, so a couple of throws and warm blankets would be great to snuggle up in!

Great winter warmers and lovely gift ideas for the festive season ahead!!.


  1. Ahhh...I was on a shopping trip for candles and blankets just yesterday! (But yours are prettier:))

  2. I love these finds -- and the idea of making the darkness and cold more bearable by focusing on getting cozy at home!

  3. All is so great. It's a very nice selection.

  4. That candle scent sounds divine! Actually my husband is the candle whore, not me. I can't stand spending money on them but he just can't get enough of the seasonal smells!

  5. Hi Anne,

    I bought Rachel's book last week and it is brilliant, especially the section for one pot meals, I really like it.

    Love Jo Malone candles but think that they are hugely expensive and I wouldn't pay that much for a candle, but maybe someone here might get me one for Christmas!!!

    Really enjoyed your recipe for your gingerbread loaf, sounds great.

    Hope that you are warm and cosy today as it is horrible outside!

    Almost the weekend, yippee!!!

  6. Ooh, those blankets are wonderful! That purply-blue one is fabulous, and they look so warm!

  7. love candels this time of year!

    xoxo navy & orange

  8. the jo malone candles are wonderful!!

  9. Hey Anne! I love soups and casserole dishes this time of year. My aunt LOVES Jo Malone! She has the entire collection. I have a chocolate throw around me right now. HAHAHA Here's to warm and cozy! :D

  10. I love all your picks! Jo Malone! Love her. I've missed watching Rachel Allen. She has scrumptious but also easy recipes.


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