Monday, 14 November 2011

Weekend Recap...

Friday we kicked off with Shanes debs. Himself and Claire looked fantastic and had a brilliant night. I didnt see him until lunch time the next day so it must have been good!

On Saturday I tried out a new creamy pasta dish. I must post this recipe at some stage as it was another quick and easy dinner!

I also caved in and ate my first mince pie! Usually I try to wait until the end of November but I couldn't resist buying these gorgeous puff pastry ones!:)

Yesterday we hit Dublin for a day of fashion and beauty at a Girls in the City event.We enjoyed watching the fashion shows and trawling through loads of beauty counters selling all sorts of goodies!

 I saw a lovely sparkly jacket on the fashion rails which would have been great for Christmas, but they didn't have my size and I am still searching for my perfect black boots!

 I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!


  1. Seems to me that you had a fab weekend!!
    Shane looks great!!!

  2. Awww! Shance and Claire, they both look fab for debs. I'm also in a search of a pair of boots, but in dark brown. xoxo

  3. Gorgeous Pasta and lovely pics from a great weekend,
    have a lovely monday,

  4. You had a great weekend, my dear! That pasta dish looks yummy!!

    My weekend was great too! We had a party on Saturday night and Sunday was the day of watching movies!!

    Hope you'll have a perfect week ahead!


  5. You had a great weekend and these photos are really great.
    Shane and Claire are so elegant.

  6. I keep reading about "Girl in the City" from blogs across the pond sounds like a really fun event.

    your son looked very handsome, I am sure he had a fabulous time

  7. What a wonderful weekend!
    Those 2 are stunning...and the "Girls in the City" event sounds too fun!
    Have a wonderful new week!

  8. Lovely weekend.
    I am SOOO pleased I do not like mince pies I don't need another vice ;-)

  9. Glad Shane had a great time. I wouldn't mind attending one of these events myself.

  10. What a great time - fantastic picture of Shane and love so much how you say "Himself" I am going to start using that too! Plus I adore mincepies as well!

  11. Definitely post that recipe! The pasta looks delicious.

  12. Glad that the night went well.

    Hope you get those "perfect" boots soon!!!

    x Fiona

  13. Hey Anne! What a busy weekend girl! Shane looked so dashing and I'm loving Claire's dress. So glad they had fun. Please post that pasta dish! I love pasta. It is yummy delicious. I would've caved with the mince pies too. LOL Those look delish. The girls in the city event sounds like it was fun. Glad you ladies had a great time. Those booties will find you! Don't worry. Hope your Monday is awesome. :)

  14. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend! Hope you have a great week as well.

  15. Aww I hope Shane had a great time! They looked lovely!


    Erin @

  16. Shane and Claire look very elegant, hope they had a good time.
    Your pasta looks lovely, looking forward to the recipe :)
    Mince pies? - I LOVE mince pies especially with lots of cream. Oh dear that's the lbs going on already lol.

  17. Hi Anne,

    Shane and Claire look wonderful together and hope that they had a fun evening.
    Christmas mince pies, are so good and can't wait to make a few batches.



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