Saturday, 19 November 2011

Saturday Brunch....

 Usually on a Saturday morning I have some French baguettes
leftover from making school lunches
the previous day.
 Rather than let them go to waste, I decided to make
 these french toasts for brunch
or as the kiddos might like to call it "eggy bread" !
It is actually best made with day old bread
rather than a fresh loaf...

1 thinly sliced french baguette.
2 eggs
2 tbsp of sugar
250ml of milk


Place eggs and sugar in a shallow bowl and whisk together. Add the milk and continue to whisk until blended. Place your bread slices in the bowl and let them soak up the mixture.

Heat some butter in a frying pan and fry the slices of bread for
 two minutes on each side
until golden in colour.

Serve on a plate garnished with seasonal
 fruit and a light dusting
 of icing sugar.

Hope you all have a lovely November Saturday!!


  1. A warm breakfast for the kids - how lucky for them. You have a nice November Saturday also! I'm doing grocery shopping, house cleaning and laundry. Maybe squeeze a long walk in too!

  2. I've seen this before and I'd really like to give it a try. Looks very yummy!

  3. This looks too good and so delicious.
    A fabulous brunch.

  4. French toasts are so, so good i put a little Maple sirup in the egg preparation, yours look good! yummmm!


  5. I never try this, looks yummy! x

  6. Wow - that's a fancy, delicious breakfast! Wish I had some for myself! Enjoy your weekend! :)

  7. I love making French toast with leftover baguette. In fact , I may go make some now...

  8. I love all kinds of bread, but baguettes are my favorite. (damn, you carb!) They looks so delicious! xoxo

  9. That's the best looking eggy bread I've ever seen!

  10. So Yummy!

  11. Mmmm, they love eggy bread in this house. Never had it with fruit though!!

  12. Anne!!! That looks so good! Now you have me craving french toast! HAHAHAHA I love that you added cut fruit with yours. DELISH! :D

  13. Yum! This looks delicious!! Your newest follower, Laura

  14. I will be right over for breakfast!!

  15. I equally as impressed that you make their sandwiches on french bread! Don't tell my husband and kiddos, they'll be jealous!

  16. Look delish! We usually use the leftover baguette to make panzanella...I'll have to give this a go!

  17. i am so gonna try this one, the slices look delicious!! thanks so much for sharing ;)
    you have an incredible blog, im loving reading your posts.
    would you like us to follow each other?

  18. Hi Anne Thanks so much for commenting on my last post and hopping aboard our busy planet! I've returned the favour. I see you also know my lovely friend, Laura, who's just started following you as well. The world gets smaller and smaller ☺. J x

  19. Love eggy bread, just love it. How do you keep baguettes fresh for lunches during the week? Do you freeze it?

  20. I always have a few in the freezer or we buy the part baked ones that you bake for 10 mins in the oven on the day you need them:)

  21. What a delicious looking brunch! I have never thought of using a baguette for french toast I definitely need to give this a try! xo


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