Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Some inspiration....

Since admiring all the beautiful panelling in Edinburgh castle (seen above) I've suddenly become fixated with panelled walls in rooms. Here are a few interesting spaces I have spotted online recently...

 Fab dark blue walls against the white panels...

A very stylish and classy dining 

  A clean and modern look in the bathroom...

My favourite one here is the dining room and I would love to do our hallway with a little panelling. Hope everyone has a great day!

Images via Pinterest.


  1. Beautiful photos Anne.

    I love the cool clear lines of the bathroom,
    it is lovely.


    ps congrats on your recent award xx

  2. The room with fireplace is my favourite, i love the high ceilings, and the designs inside the panels.

  3. I love the contrast between the blue walls and the white furniture!

  4. My favorite is the navy with the white paneling. I'd love to use that color scheme in my house, but we've got more of a black and white theme going. All the rooms are lovely.


  5. Hi Anne, I've been catching up with your blog. You seem to have enjoyed your break in Edinburgh it is a lovely city.
    Would you believe that my husband originally came from Edinburgh, and moved here when he was 12, and we have only been through once earlier this year. We only went for an overnight but we really enjoyed it. Didn't do half the things you did though. I
    think I'll have to bend his ear and go again soon.

  6. love the grey paneling in the dining room!!

    I love that Christy Moore's family lives by you, The voyage is one of my favorite songs, it is just beautiful!!

  7. Hey Anne! Those are some great options!!! It adds a lot of depth to a room. The ones you selected are beautiful! :D

  8. Panels really give a room special warmth and comfort: i love them
    Sara C.


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