Sunday, 16 October 2011

Our Trip To Edinburgh (Part Two)...

On our second day in Edinburgh we went on the bus tour down to the port where The Royal Yacht Brittania is berthed. You are allowed  to tour all the rooms which were used by the royal family while cruising the world. It  no longer sails the high seas but has become a big attraction in Edinburgh because of it's history. It was a lovely tour made all the nicer because the sun shone while we were there...

The lovely port...

The Royal Yacht with over five decks to tour...

First stop a hearty breakfast on board complete with haggis!

Ring my bell!

Morning coffee served in the deck tea room....

After the tour ended we headed back to the city to do another bit of exploring and  a wee bit of shopping!

Traditional scottish dress...

Some of the lovely shop fronts in the old town... 
In the evening just as it was getting dusky the streets came alive with buskers and tourists all out to enjoy some of the local food and entertainment on offer...

  A quaint restaurant....

A hearty bowl of Scotch Broth!!


A lovely olde worlde pub.

The view over to the castle after dark...

Our few days in Scotland went really fast so hopefully we will get over for another holiday sometime. I would really recommend Edinburgh to anyone looking for a great city break!!


  1. Oh look at you! You look great! And I definitely have to go to Edimburgh!

  2. It looks fantastic! I lived last year almost an hour away but never had the chance to travel...
    Maybe I will do it this year, although I stay 8 hours away from there :(
    Have a nice day!

  3. Looks like a beautiful place Anne
    think I will have to put it on my list!!

    I love your boots, my favourite boot colour
    and see you wearing your lovely new blouse,
    you look great.

    Enjoy the memories of your break away.


  4. That boat looks amazing, too bad it does not sail anymore!!

  5. oh this pictures are so great anne, what a lovely place!!! i want to shop in this cute shops and the boat looks so amazing and you both too!;)
    love and kiss,mary

  6. Haggis ..... naaah, I still can't eat it. But I concur, Edinburgh is a beautiful city and del worth a visit. I've not done the tour of the Britannia but will put in on our list for next time.

  7. new follower and nice blog! looks like a great trip ....not sure how I would like the food there but would be willing to give it a try! :)

  8. Anne, you are stunning in every photo and I want those outfits!!!! I love them all!!!
    I actually got so caught up in how amazing you look that I now have to scroll back up and look at all the lovely scenery. And check out that delicious camel~ly, coccoon sweater you're wearing... ;)

  9. Hey Anne glad you had a great trip. Welcome back.

  10. Oh Anne these pictures are amazing!! That food made my mouth water (minus that haggis - eek). I am getting some very exciting ideas when I take off to UK next year. I hope you and your husband had an amazing trip (holidays do always go too fast though)

    Anna xo

  11. I am so glad you had a great time there! The pictures are wonderful and you looked fantastic! Love your boots!

    Wish you a great week, honey!


  12. Edinburgh has been on my 'must visit' list for awhile and your photos are making me want to go even more!
    And I'm drooling over the breakfast... I lived in Ireland for six years before moving to France two years ago and I miss the breakfasts so very much! Sometimes, a croissant just doesn't do it for you :-)

  13. How charming!!! Anne I love that picture of you ringing the bell. HAHAHA Adore your boots, sweater and scarf! You are so classy and stylish! The Royal Yacht is beautiful! Thanks for also showcasing the various shops. Happy Monday! And I've given you a blog award! So check out my post when you have a chance. You can pass it along to others as you wish. ((HUG))

  14. Hi Anne, how nice to see you on this post, these autumn colors suit you very much. And thank you for the Edinburgh and royal boat tour. I hope to do this city break in the near future :)) with some more sun hopefully. I am boarding the plane again. Have a nice week :)

  15. Hi Anne,

    Looks like you had a lovely holiday away in Edinburgh and I enjoyed seeing your wonderful photographs.
    My ancestors on my Mothers side were from Scotland, so was good to see.


  16. Fantastic photographs - made me want to be in the picture

  17. Again, fab pictures, looks like you had a great trip. I went to a networking evening on the yacht - we were pipped in, entered the boat by the royal gangplank, champagne and canapes in the dining room which was lit with candles - it was gorgeous! x


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