Tuesday, 25 October 2011


While browsing online last night I came across this lovely website Andrea Garland.com. It sells vintage jewelery pieces filled with 100% natural lip balm. They also have all sorts of facial and body products which are mostly organic. This sparkly owl brooch caught my eye. It has a secret compartment that opens up to reveal a pot of balm inside! Almost to cute to use...

All the ingredients are natural and  sourced from ethical suppliers. It is a really beautiful website for anyone who loves vintage inspired jewelry. No excuse now for chapped lips this winter!


  1. I love vintage jewelry. It's really beautiful.
    Have a nice day.

  2. I am always a sucker for good vintage jewelry!
    What a great find!

  3. I love brooches! Not many people seem to wear them anymore?! :)xx

  4. Very cute and what a great idea, thanks for shaing will have to check this out.

  5. Wow!!Very beautiful and useful!!Love it!

    Have a great day, honey!!


  6. the owl with the lipbalm in is amazing!! What a great idea!

  7. I love it! First, I love owls. So that was a win. And I am addicted to lip balm. (But I only wear it at night. During the day I wear lipstick.) I actually can't fall asleep without it.

  8. I want that owl with the balm inside it!

    It is sooooo cute!

    Must take a look at the site Anne,
    might pick up some ideas for Christmas.

    x Fiona

  9. Love this! The owl is my favorite ... and it seems to me I used to have one similar to this when I was little...balm inside and everything:)

  10. OMG I have this ring but the lip gloss is all gone, I love it!!

  11. HAHA Anne! That is too cute. I would be opening it all the time. LOL


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