Wednesday, 19 October 2011

A Little Cosy....

Yesterday  the weather here turned much colder than it had been of late. There was a more definite chill in the air which made me start thinking about all my favourite go to pieces for the inevitable frosty times ahead. Here are some lovely images to warm up any cold Autumn day...

a large open fire..

Cosy socks....

Warm blankets....

Toasting marshmallows....

A welcoming  kitchen....

This last picture just warms my heart! On a cold Autumn day there is no other place I would rather be than at home, drinking tea , reading and candles burning softly. Absolute perfection...

Images via Pinterest.


  1. Amazing pictures! I just the love cold days when I stay in my cozy couch with my wool socks, reading a book!! Just perfect!
    The fire looks fantastic!


  2. I just love the cold days in thebeginning of October after one month of cold in the city, I'd escape to Hawaii :-)

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  3. Me too! I love coziness! It's now getting colder in italy too!

  4. oh this pictures are so perfect for the weather this days, is is so freezing cold outside and i love to stay in my cozy home ;)

  5. I am ready to go back to bed or sit in front of the fire w/ a warm throw and fuzzy socks... cold weather makes me want to snuggle up!! xo

  6. Agreed!
    We keep getting a chilly day or so and then it warms up again the next. Although I shouldn't complain, no heating on and no air on means no bills!!!

  7. Oh I love those socks! My feet would feel like they were in little hell blankets wearing them down here, but in the cold they would be perfect!

  8. It just turned cooler here too Anne! MUCH cooler! HAHAHA I love when it's gradual and not run and turn the air conditioner off. HAHAHA I love socks! Couldn't do without them. These are all wonderful images that warm the heart & soul. Thanks for sharing and have a great day.

  9. Awww! These are gorgeous, they make me feel all cosy and snuggly. I love Autumn and I'm glad the weather is getting colder now :) Time to get out the big jumpers and scarves and boots. YAY! :D xx

  10. Ahhhh, I feel warmer already, thank you. The temp here has dropped significantly today, very chilly!!!!

  11. I'd love to be sitting in that kitchen wearing those comfy socks.

  12. you and I are thinking the exact same thing!!

  13. thanks for stopping by my blog! everything looks so comfy i just want to curl up right now in front of a fire, with a hug of hot chocolate with it lightly snowing outside

  14. I love the coziness of fall as well! Those socks are perfection! xo

  15. Ahhhhh, cozy socks are the best in the colder months! :)
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  16. Hi Anne,

    Love all the wonderful images you have shown today, the cozy socks and warm blankets are lovely.
    Hope you are staying warm and enjoying the week


  17. Those socks look so cozy! These images are so Fall...I can't wait to snuggle up by a fire.:)

    Thanks for your comment:)


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