Monday, 12 September 2011

Some Scenes From The Weekend

On Friday we kicked off the weekend with my son Shane attending a debs ball. He looked great on the night and here are a couple of photos (which I was very lucky to get btw!!) of himself and Claire.

Then on Saturday myself and the girlies headed into Dublin for a day of fashion and fun. First of all we went to a fashion show that showcased the latest trends from stores and boutiques around the city. We saw some really lovely looks for the upcoming season ahead.

The Girlies...

After the show we stopped off for lunch in "Cafe en Seine" which was gorgeous and then we ended the day with the girls getting their photos taken in Brown Thomas.The photos were super-imposed onto the cover of Vogue magazine and they were thrilled with their souvenirs!! It was a fun day out that we really enjoyed!


  1. What a weekend!!! Your kids look lovely and its so nice how close you all seem - Loving those shots from the fashion show and how the girls got their face on vogue :P

    Anna xo

  2. You have such good looking kids! So glad you had a fun filled weekend! xo

  3. True, you´ve very good looking kids. And all those dresses are so adorable.

  4. Sounds like you had a great time and doesn't Shane look fab in his suit! x

  5. You would know by his face he wasn't at all happy with me taking the pictures!!

  6. Your son is very handsome!! I love the Vogue magazines, how awesome is that!!

  7. oh what a beautiful couple!!! you really can be proud!!!and i love this first look of the fashionshow with red capri pants and burberry cape? really fabulous!!!
    love and kiss,mary

  8. What a fun weekend!!! Your girls are just lovely, and they look like real Vogue models on those covers! I hope your son had fun at the Deb ball. I know I had a ton of fun as a Deb!


    Erin @

  9. Looks like such a great weekend!
    You have a beautiful family Anne!

  10. What a lovely weekend you had! Love all the pictures!! You all looked fantastic!! Nice covers!!
    Have a great day!! xoxoxo

  11. such lovely photos! looks like you had a lovely weekend! your kids must be very thrilled to have a mom like you - take them to fashion shows and well, being into fashion the way you are. i bet you are a fun mom! :)

  12. Hello, and thank you for the lovely comment on my blog. Your son looks very handsome in the suit ;) Hope he had a great time at the debs ball :)

  13. Thanks for stopping by my blog - following you :)

    I love that striped red dress! I hope when my daughter is a bit older we can enjoy fun outings like you and yours :)




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