Tuesday, 13 September 2011

School Run Style

As each new school term rolls around I always plan on being totally organized first thing in the morning and visualize myself leaving the house looking cool yet casual to do the school run.Sadly we are a few weeks in now and this is still not happening (I'm usually running late wearing the first piece of clothing that came to hand!)
Here are a few celebs that I must try to copy if I am to achieve the look I am after...

 Claudia Schiffer

Catherine Zeta Jones

 I might just have to set the alarm a few hours earlier to emerge looking like this!!!


  1. They always make it look so darn easy don't they! It's almost not fair how they're always looking fabulous. I dream one day I'll wake up with a wardrobe that fabulous, not to mention looking that fabulous.

    It's yet to happen.

    I still house hope.

    Great blog! Love finding new gems in the blogosphere! I hope you stop by my blog Unedited!

    PS - My word verification was: Divalize (I wonder if the ticket is to visualized yourself as a diva and then it comes true... heck yes, Ill be dreaming this evening).

  2. I would like to look like Catherine Zeta Jones any time of day really... :)

    I see nothing wrong with dropping your kids off while still in pajamas. Life happens, ya know? One can surely dream though.

  3. My son is starting school this week, first time, so we are quite excited. I will go for ballerinas and flats when I am running with him, although I love high heels too :) you have a lovely family, I am following you. I will be back :)

  4. Hi Anne,

    Oh remember too well doing the school run and yes, to just look like some of these Mums would be great.
    Was great to discover your blog and many thanks for visiting mine.
    You have a lovely family and really liked that your girls were superimposed on the Vogue magazine.

    Have a great week

  5. they certainly look amazing... love catherine's boots!

  6. now this is perfect for me to read today, this morning I grabbed the first clean outfit I could find, which of course I did not like!! I finally decided this afternoon that I have to lay my clothes out the night before

  7. Yeah, I don't look like that in the mornings either...I would take my child to school wearing my yoga pants and tee shirt with a headband thrown on my head. (No wonder he was so eager to get out of the car so quickly...heehee!)

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog today!!

  8. Love these looks, some of these pictures have been used when I did a School Run Style post in the past. Like you, I always think I am gonna be stylish in the mornings but it rarely works. Yesterday afternoon I went down there with wallpaper paste all over my jeans and t-shirt, naughty fashion blogger!

  9. Hi Anne, hope you had a good weekend. As I wrote before on this post, my first school run experience happened this week, my latest post talks about it :) in winter it will be tougher to prepare me and my son, in a presentable way :)


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