Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Letting go...

Yesterday I decided to have a  major clearout  in the upstairs rooms. All was going well and I felt very
industrious bagging and boxing things that were no longer needed. My new motto is 'if you dont wear it get rid of it!' It's surprising how much better the closets look when you can actually see what clothes you have. Maybe there is some truth in the saying 'less is more'.

My problems began when it came to sorting out the toys. Some are easy to let go but others just tug at your heartstrings.The one in question being Sarahs sylvanian house. She dosen't really play with it but how could I just get rid of it?...worse still hide it away in the attic! So  I have found a nice spot for it at the top of my stairs and it will be staying here for the foreseeable future.The hubs thinks I have lost the plot!!  I am trying to convince him that it matches the decor...will have to wait and see!

" The art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on"- Havelock Ellis.
 Anyone else have the same problem when it comes to having a clearout?


  1. haha so funny. I did last month a clear out of toys, and like you I have same problems. Some are so easy to give away and others I can't, so these things I hold because I hope that one day I will have grandchildren ;-) x

  2. I have this problem all the times! That's why i keep stacking stuff!

  3. I have the same motto but sometimes is so hard to let go..

    Have a great day, Anne!! xoxo

  4. I never want to give things up! I always wonder if I will need them in like 2 months or something, but then I try and tell myself if I really need it again I can always buy another.

  5. I enjoy a good clear out and did the same this weekend. I'm quite ruthless but do get very distracted. I ended up looking through old photos for hours!
    :) x

  6. I love cleaning the closet out! my rule: if you forgot you owned it or haven't worn it in a year, get rid of it. congrats!

    xoxo navy & orange

  7. I'm in the middle of an upstairs clear out and there are things of Little Man's that I just can not bare to get rid of! I am sure the house looks great where you have placed it. That kind of thing should be kept for her children x

  8. I understand you well
    but cleaning is for good. always

    Inside and Outside

  9. I try do clear outs but mini-me-jnr keeps taking the stuff out, he's still wearing 2-3 year shorts & shirts, not well I'll add, as he's 5 :-)

  10. i have lots of clothes that i don't wear anymore, some are 10yrs old already, haha! it's hard to let them go, i'll kept them for my daughter!
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  11. I also get rid of stuff I no longer need. The toy house looks very beautiful; I wouldn't get rid of it as well and there's a beautiful memory attached to it for you as well.;)

  12. haha Anne its not crazy at all! And it does go with your decor - tell your husband we're all on your side. I am so with you on clearing away things you don't need/use/wear anymore. I neverrrr did this then my bf made me 2 years ago. Now I have perfected keeping things I only wear or need to an art. It does get easier I assure you.

    Anna xo



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