Monday, 15 August 2011

Water Water everywhere

The other day while I was grocery shopping in our local supermarket, I noticed how huge the aisle stacking water bottles has become. On closer inspection I saw how beautiful and elegant some of these looked.You would nearly buy the bottle to use at home later to hold a candle or fill with some flower stems.

In a restaurant recently we were served our water in a gorgeous carafe (with an equally  lovely price tag) which made me think are we mad to spend so much on something so basic and that is really just water!

So which do you prefer plain old tap or a nice bottled one?


  1. I just can't drink tap water. It doesn't taste good after drinking bottled. I'll drink anything from Poland Springs, to Pellegrino, to plain old seltzer!! xo

  2. It is work for me to drink water. I just enjoy coffee so much more. The bottle of Evian is so pretty, I think I would buy it just for that reason. It would make me feel more stylish and much healthier!


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