Friday, 19 August 2011

A Quiet corner

I for one am delighted that it is Friday at last and the weekend is here.It hasn't been a particularly bad week in fact we had a lot of goodness happen in our household  just seemed very long.It could be due to the fact my to do list got way longer and not much seemed to get crossed off as done!My problem is taking on to much at once and wanting it finished promto.

Having concentrated on our ground floor space for the past couple of years I have come to the conclusion that the upper floor needs  a facelift (gutting).As soon as schools reopen hopefully I can start on this project.I imagine professional help will be needed in some areas!I'm not averse to wielding a paint brush in fact I find it quite calming and relaxing but would love to be able to tile or sort out electrics myself.I find it frustrating waiting for contractors to give you time and dates and getting the whole thing started.

For now I will just have to make do with relaxing in this little area I sorted out for myself yesterday.I finally got around to hanging a lovely frame my friend gave me.If only the other rooms looked as fresh and tidy!All in good time I suppose.Hope you all have a good and relaxing weekend.


  1. Thank's for your sweet comment ! This corner is so cute ! Keep checking out :


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