Friday, 9 January 2015

It's goodbye to I heart styling......

This is my very last post on I Heart Styling! I have enjoyed blogging on this space for almost 4 years, starting back in July 2011 with a very small blog called Heart and Soul! 

I never thought it would last that long and I can honestly say I never dreamed I would end up with such lovely readers and followers as I have! I want to thank everyone who has read, followed or left comments here over that period of time.

Now I am not disappearing just yet as I have some very exciting news! From next month I 'm joining forces with my daughter Laura from Styled by Laura!

 We are launching our own lifestyle site called

The blog will be focusing on all things fashion, beauty, healthy living and interiors:) 

We really hope that you will all come over and join us as we feel we have something new and interesting to share. 

For the moment you can sign up by email here  or join our new website instagram where we will have some sneak previews and updates! 

Once again I want to say thanks for all the great support I have had here and I hope we can all continue to stay in contact through our brand new site!


Take Care and have a lovely weekend:)
Anne xx

New blog now up and running here 

Thank you to everyone for all the lovely comments and best wishes Anne and Laura xx

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Back to routine.....

I can't believe we are on the 4th day of January already, I suppose one day slips into the next when there is no set routine around! We had a good start to the new year which I celebrated quietly at home with family.An old sparkly sequin top I bought in a local boutique but had never worn was donned for the occasion.
 School is back tomorrow and then I have the dreaded college exams for Conor, which means driving a lot for me as his bus times are limited!

Any how I am dying to get back into regular routines and eating healthy which was going great for me before Christmas, but I did cave in on some occasions with Shane especially where chocolates were concerned and we payed the price after! 
We are now back to healthy eating and aiming to use his new Nutribullet a lot!

Leopard and navy top Zara €10

 I didn't do much sales shopping this year but I did pick up a few nice everyday tops in Zara! I actually don't need too much more at present. I got some lovely gifts and haven't had time to use or wear them all yet ! 

One is a beautiful Mulberry scarf my daughter Laura gave me.I love the rich orange colour and will do an outfit post when I get a chance wearing it:)

I was also  delighted when I read that the pantone colour of the year was marsala! It conjures up lovely images of a nice rich red full bodied glass of wine!! I think I have enough of actually drinking wine for a bit but I would like to embrace a little of this colour in clothes at some stage!
I think it would make a great accent colour against neutrals- perfect for this dreary winter weather!

I hope you all have a good week ahead and once again I would like to wish you all
 a very Happy New Year!

Take Care:)
Anne xx

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

New Years Eve 2014.....

 Just a very quick post to say, I hope you all have a lovely New Years Eve and have a fun time no matter where you are celebrating this evening:)

 I wish you all the very best for the New Year.

May the sun, moon and stars shine brightly for everyone in 2015!!

Take Care:)
Anne xx

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Christmas 2014....

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas! I think the actual day really flew by this year but it was one of the more relaxing ones we have had here for a while!

 I think everyone was very happy and we all got some fab gifts:)
 I had to get out and move a bit this morning for a little while though as you always feel a tad cooped up by the third day and it lashed rain yesterday so no morning walk:( 

I haven't gone near any of the sales either and I am not sure whether I will actually bother this year!

I wore a very casul outfit on Christmas day this year! I loved this leopard cosy jumper from H&M and I got a pair of faux leather jeans last week in our local Born clothing store.They are by the denim club label and really really comfortable!

Hope you all enjoy the next couple of days and the countdown to 2015! I am hoping to go to Cork tomorrow to squeeze in a flying visit to my family as long as no big freeze arrives!

Take Care:)
Anne xx

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Happy Christmas....

Hello everyone! Just a very quick post to wish all my followers and readers a very Happy Christmas! Thanks so much for all the lovely support throughout the year!

My blogging schedule has gone out the window over the last few weeks, but I hope to get back into more regular posting soon!

Thanks again and hope you all enjoy the festive break!
Take Care:)
Anne xx

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Homestyle:Sparkle and Shine....

We are nearly on the home run now into Christmas week and I am sure everyone is in the midst of preparations with decorating the house and present buying/wrapping in full swing!

If not and you are looking for some quick ideas just add a little glitter and sparkle to update everything and it instantly brings a lovely Christmas feeling to any room:)

Love the idea above of putting glue on branches and twigs then add any colour glitter you like to tone in with your decor!

Fairy lights are just the best and can be wrapped around anything you like! 
Wish I owned that mirror above:)

Candles and flowers are so versatile and so simple to make interesting by filling the vases with glitter or baubles! 

Love this idea and one I might steal for a holiday table setting:)

images via

If all else fails just add in some sparkly cushions and a cosy throw for instant style and glitz!

Hope you are all having a good week and getting through the Christmas prep with ease:)

Take Care!
Anne xx

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

A few random bits....

Hello:) Hope you are all well! I am sure everyone is getting so busy now and I never anticipate correctly how fast this run up to Christmas goes! At least I have made a big dent in the decor this weekend, starting with the sunroom:) 

We always put up two artificial trees in the house but this year I decided I wanted a real tree for the sunroom:) Laura and I brought it home on Sunday and if 
the dog leaves it alone all will be fine!
It is still looking  a bit bare around the end for that reason!! I still have to do the main tree in the living room today.

On the clothes front I am not having much luck at all at the minute! I ordered a lovely Jaeger camel coatigan from Brand Alley! I waited 3 weeks for it to come and adored it when I put it on! Then I looked at the sleeve and discovered a massive tear so back it had to go straight away!
 I now have to wait 15 days for a refund....I am not happy!!

I am still looking for faux leather jeans/jeggings. I had high hopes for this pair  from H&M as they looked great on the hanger, but they were just a bit too baggy on top for me. 

Now there is a reason I'm a bit behind with everything this year! The truth of the matter is I haven't been well at all! My son and I are on a wheat, gluten and dairy free diet at the moment! He has been officially diagnosed with major food intolerances and although I haven't had the test done myself yet, the nutritionist suspects I have the same!
I have to wait until January because I need to put all the crap back into my body so they can detect what it is and I am not risking being so sick for Christmas!
The constant pain in my stomach was getting worse so I cut out all the above and thank god I have improved a bit this week:) It is just a minefield trying to read every label on jars and get enough calories into your body, especially for my son! I feel so sorry for him as he has an eczema type rash as well! 
I have found some fab blogs with some great recipes so we are trying out loads of new ideas and testing different ways of cooking and baking! At the moment our favourites are coconut flour and mik:) There are worse things that could happen in life and at least this can be maintained!

All is well though I found these lovely mince pies in the health shop for us yesterday and we had them last night! 
So far so good! Now I need to hunt down some good raw chocolate bars! He can't have nuts,soya or yeast either! Not an easy task:(

Hope you all have a good week:)
Take care!
Anne xx